RT27 3d Teeth Whitening Bleaching Shade Guide 27 Color CE Certification

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What to do after treatment?

Cleansing teeth: After high-frequency vibration of ultrasonic waves, remove dental calculus, smoke stains and tea spots on the teeth to prevent bleeding of the gums or loose teeth, help diagnose and treat oral diseases such as periodontitis. The damage is small and the results are clear and will not damage the oral health.

polishing: the old is to use a very soft rubber to rub the paste like a toothpaste, that is, the paste containing fine sand in the tooth surface into the low-speed rotation friction, in order to remove the 

whitening: a tooth whitening agent, supplemented with spices, color regulators, mixed to adjust the sticky glue, painted on the surface of the cleaned, dried teeth, dry to become white teeth, increase Aesthetic.

the medicine: there are some tiny wounds on the gums on the teeth, through the "periodontal medicated bath" using the special potion to soothe and protect the gums, to the gums anti-inflammatory, protect the gums.


1, For comparing teeth shade guide before & after whitening
2, Professional 20 colour shades with mirror 
3, Comes in stylish aluminum case, portable and easy to keep

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