The importance of regular skin treatments combined with home care products!!!!


Does your therapist make sure she's rebooking you after every single treatment?

Does she explain to you why it's important to have at least two courses of treatments per year and monthly maintenance?

Does she advise you that this is the best way to truly achieve results?

Whether we are treating the symptoms of pigmentation, acne, ageing or rosacea in order to achieve results we need to be using home care in conjunction with in clinic treatments. Not doing so will compromise the result you're after and/or significantly slow the process down!


Here | will explain why it's necessary to not only have regular skin treatments but why it's important for many of us to have at least two courses a year with monthly maintenance in between.


Firstly, between the ages of 25 and 30, we begin to lose 1% to 2% of our collagen per year. Collagen is found naturally in our skin and its main purpose is to help give our skin strength and elasticity (Makes us look young). As we age, our body's own collagen fibres begin to weaken and decline which is one reason our skin at 20 does not look anything like it does at 40. Up until the age of about 25, our skin cells shed naturally every 28 days, which is why our skin looks so incredibly smooth, soft and bounces back from most types of damage relatively quickly. Unfortunately, as we age this process begins to slow down and rather than our skin shedding every 28 days, our skin cells start to shed at a much slower pace of approximately every 38 to 48 days depending on our age. This is another reason why our skin develops fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and begins to look like it's 'sagging.'



Fortunately, we can all do our part in maintaining higher collagen production and speed up the shedding process so that our skin cells start behaving like they are decades younger than our true age.


The most effective way to do this is by using certain ingredients on a daily basis that help the skin do what it used to do when it was much younger in conjunction with regular in-clinic treatments of course.


Why do we recommend you have at least two courses a year and monthly maintenance treatments?


When treating almost any skin condition, there is a process we need to go through in order to achieve the desired result. To explain things as simply as possible, I'm going to put this process in 2 stages:



STAGE 1: We need to prepare the skin by performing treatments that will begin to loosen and remove the dead skin cells sitting on the surface of our skin. These skin cells occur as a result of the natural shedding process slowing down as we age. This stage is also going assist with active ingredients penetrating into the epidermis. Using these actives in your homecare routine will ensure that in the later stages of your treatment plan, chances of adverse side effects are reduced considerably. The treatments used in this stage will slowly begin to target a variety of your concerns and allow uS to safely treat you more aggressively in stage 2.


STAGE 2: In this stage we continue to treat your concerns by adding a combination of advanced cosmeceutical products and more invasive skin treatments specific to your skin concerns. Whether it's laser, skin needling or stronger peels we are going to be able to become more aggressive with your treatments all whilst reducing the risk of adverse side effects compared to not undergoing treatments and products in stage one. This is the only way to ensure we obtain maximum results with little to no side effects.

When treatments are not performed at the right time interval, it can often take much longer to obtain the desired results. For example, if you've set a goal of lifting 100kg's at the gym and you train hard for 4 weeks then you skip a few weeks and start back up again then you would have lost some of the strength you gained in the first 4 weeks which you will need to make up for. This is very similar to your skin. So stretching out your courses of treatments to try and "get the most out of themcould most likely be doing you a disservice when trying to achieve optimal results.

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