Christmas Promotion!!Thanksgiving customer.Lipozero RF vacuum cavitation bady slimming machine MLS05.


portable vortex ultrasound radio frequency rf vacuum body slimming beauty machine - MLS05,


Slim the body, clear cellulite, soften and reduce fat *Dredge the channels, detoxify and nourish lymph at depth, perform scraping therapy and cupping therapy, and accelerate metabolism

*Perform physiotherapy of chest and buttocks, postpartum recovery, and improve sub-health

*Lift buttocks *Lift face, smooth away fine wrinkles and diminish the double chin

*Beautify shoulders at 3 fixed points for 10min to thin, flatten, relax and soften diseased parts

Swan neck, for 10min to smooth away cervical stripes


1. Lipozero Thermoplastic Probe

A: focusing on sonic waves to generate different modes of top-speed vibrations and rotary frictions to produce 40000HZ sonic waves. Entering the human body, the sonic waves can generate a strong knock-on effect in human adipocytes and a friction motion among adipocytes to effectively burn calories, and cell water to shrink adipocytes. In addition, when the sonic waves vibrate, cells will collide intensely against one another, causing cell explosion instantly, diminishing cells that they could be eliminated from the body through the lymph and detoxification system to slim the body and remove the fat.

B: Using it with various weight loss products or essential oil can quickly infiltrate into subcutaneous tissues so that collagenous tissues are constantly regenerated to repair damaged tissues and accelerate blood circulation.

2: Multipolar RF Negative Pressure Probe:

A: According to different skin conditions, the probe kneads and massages the epidermis, vessel layer, adipose layer and nervous system layer to varying degrees to effectively improve body fluid flow among human cells, enhance cell movements and activate cells to help reduce rigid areolar tissues, improve skin tissue elasticity, decompose stubborn fat and change fat into fatty acids, glycerol…, which can be eliminated from the body through the urine lymphatic system to shape the body and make skin compact.

B: By basic techniques, such as massage, rotation and traction, through multipolar vacuum negative pressure circulation, the probe massages the lymph at a suitable pressure to accelerate the circulation and excretion of lymph to clear and activate the channels and collaterals, regulate qi to disperse stagnation, clear away vivotoxin, relieve fatigue and keep the body healthy.


Working Voltage110-220V
Thermoplastic ProbeFrequency 40KHZ
RF4MHZ (with a human impedance recognition system)
Total Weight46*39*31CM
Packing Size6kg


1. Cavitation RF Vacuum combine in 1 system 
2. Slimming, face lift, breast lift and buttocks lift, physiotherapy and body detox multifunction.
3. Comfortable, safe and effective treatment.

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