Clinic Dental Porcelain 3d Teeth Shade Guide For Genetic Yellow Teeth RT20

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Which option is right for me and can i use both?

Both of our options for teeth whitening will give you the same great final results and you can expect your smile to be 6-10 shades whiter. With that said, here are a few questions to ask yourself before making a decision:

Do you have a special event coming up soon and feel concerned that you won’t have time to whiten at home beforehand? An in-office treatment is perfect for these situations.

Is your daily schedule packed with work, kids, projects, etc.? Are you able to commit at least an hour each day to whitening your teeth at home? If you’re particularly busy every day, you may benefit from having your treatment completed in just one in-office visit.


1, For comparing teeth shade guide before & after whitening
2, Professional 20 colour shades with mirror 
3, Comes in stylish aluminum case, portable and easy to keep

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