Multifunctional 10 in 1 facial care skin Moisturizing hydra oxygen jet peel facial care machine HO909

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Multifunctional skin lifting beauty equipment. Multiple technologies allow you to improve the skin quality of all parts of your body in all directions. Makes you perfect.

What to do after treatment?

 Avoid exercise that will create friction and make sure to gently pat off any sweat

   or water to dry the skin under your dressing. 

  For the first 3 days after treatment, keep the treated area bandaged with sterile 

   gauze and protected with a thin layer of antibiotic or healing ointment. 

  After 3 days, keep the treated area clean and dry during the healing processIt

   is recommended to wait at least six weeks after gettinga new tattoo to begin 

   the laser tattoo removal process.

 Don’t eat Spicy food within 1week


◆Temporary: Although all facials are temporary, the effects of this version do not last as long as most others. This means that you will have to undergo the treatments more frequently to keep up their effects.

◆Too Many Treatments: You can have too many treatments.  The oxygen facials will release free radicals into the skin that cause premature aging. This means over-doing it could with time more wrinkles, lines, and other signs of premature aging that counteracts the effect of the facial itself.

◆The FDA has yet to approve oxygen facials and there is no licensing required for its use.  This means that it is very important that you find a skilled and experienced practitioner to help you with this type of skincare.   There have been injuries, discomfort, and other issues associated with the improper application of the oxygen facial.  


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