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What to do after treatment?

Use current loop bushing in winter or dry weather; to avoid bad contact, pay attention that the part contacting skin should be certain humid, and the efficacy required can be achieved by wiping with any water-based product or water.

To avoid damage to the instrument, water, oil and other media are not allowed to permeate into the inner of the instrument, and impact,beat and heavy break are also not allowed.

After use, timely clean probe and cut off power.

Within warranty period of one year,we are responsible for free maintenance and replacement of parts on the premise of normal use

of the instrument.

As we all know

Usually operate every 10 days, for very fat client, can be operated every week, and continuous operation for 10 times is one course of treatment.The effect will be more obvious after 6-12 week when the client finishtotal one course of treatment.

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