5 IN 1 40k cavitation vacuum body slimming RF body shaping beauty equipment BS09

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Together with the fat reduction, you can also enjoy tighter, toner skin. Immediate visible results.And it takes up less space and is easy to operate.

What to do after treatment?

Three hours before the treatment,customers must not eat or drink anything.That is very important,it is related to the treatment result.

Before the treatment,please ensure the machine in good condition.Let the machine working for 10 minutes,if there is enough ice on the plates,then can start the treatment.

Must use the anti freeze membrane during the treatment.

In the last 10 minutes treatment,stop the cooling mode,choose the vacuum massage function to massage treatment part.

The results will be more positive,if pressotherpay lymph drainage treatment can be done after the cryo treatment.

As we all know

Applied enough gel on skin need treated. 

Do not stay unmoved on any part of your body,do not stay on bones. 

The total treatment time for daily should be within 30 minutes. 

There will be ultrasonic only when you step on the service brake while using 40K cavitation
explode work head. 

Do not allowed to be placed under the state of no-load to avoid the damage caused by high heat. 

40K work head can be used on fresh part of the body, Do not use for facial. If the skin is sensitive
or becomes unhealthy, the strength of the power should be adjusted down.

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